What kind of paint repair does your car need?

Car paint adds an essential finishing touch and protects the vehicle’s body from extra damage. While all car paint is covered with a thin clear coat, it can only handle the most shallow scratches. When a scratch gets through the clear coat to the paint and primer, the system is compromised. Rust can follow. With our help, it’s possible to restore the paint to like-new condition. Explore our services and schedule an appointment today.

Ceramic Coatings — Ceramic technology provides the benefits of a great coat of wax without needing to be reapplied over and over again. Give your car top-of-the-line protection from tree sap, road chemicals, and bird droppings. It will be easier to clean and stay shiny longer.

Car Scratch Repair — Whether it’s damage from someone walking too close to your vehicle or an animal climbing on it, paint damage should be addressed by professionals. Let Dynamic Touch repair the scratches and make the paint like new again.

Stone Chip Repair — When a truck in front of you throws a stone and it hits your vehicle, it can bite all the way through the paint. We repair the damage and restore the integrity of the paint so you can rest easy.

Key Scratch Repair — If a vandal has scratched the paint on your car, let us reverse the damage. We have the skill to tackle large amounts of damage and would be privileged to serve you.

Bumper Repair — Just a tap on your bumper can leave paint damage. Whether you hit a trash can or bump a light pole, we can return your paint to its original glory without breaking the bank.

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